Novel NIR/SWIR photodetectors

What we are looking for:
Emberion’s technology is currently available for evaluation purposes. We are looking for companies active in the area of night vision systems to assess our technology and simultaneously we are looking to initiate business discussions with the target to establish a commercial relationship.

What we offer:
Our photodetectors can absorb light at broad range of wavelengths (400 – 1800 nm) and the dynamic range is very large owing to low noise and non-saturable response. The specific detectivity is at the level of the high-end commercially available NIR detectors at 100 fps sampling frequency. Emberion’s technology can be used in various video frame rate applications such as night vision systems owing to its scalable pixel size, low noise operation and large dynamic range. The technology enables production of a megapixel level imaging array.

We also develop novel technologies for LWIR imaging for the wavelength area of 7000 – 14000 nm.

    • Homeland defence, force projection
    • Sea rescue, safety of life and of ships at sea
Collaboration sought:
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Commercial Agreement


Mr Jyri Hamalainen
Director, Sales & Marketing
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