Optronics - Inertial Navigation

What we are looking for:
First of all Safran Electronics & Defense Australasia is looking to establish R&D capacity in Australia to develop and adpat its products to Royal Australian Navy needs ('Australianisation')
Then Safran Electronics & Defense is looking for Australian suppliers to establish local sourcing, local manufacturing and final assembly in Australia.

What we offer:
Safran Electronics & Defense offers systems and equipment, relevant to programs such as SEA 1000, SEA 1180, SEA 1654 and SEA 5000:
• Detection systems for submarines: Search & Attack Optronic Masts
• Surveillance and Fire Control Systems for surface vessels: IRST, Paseo, Vigy Observer
• Inertial Navigation Systems for surface vessels and submarines: Sigma 40 (XP) and BlueNaute
• Portable Optronics: Multifunction infra-red devices and Laser Range Finders

    • Homeland defence, force projection
    • Peace keeping
    • Fight against piracy and illegal trafficking,
    • Security of infrastructure, maritime and coastal surveillance
Collaboration sought:
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Manufacturing Agreement


Mr Amaury Finaz
Sales Manager
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