High performance INDUSTRIAL VALVES

What we are looking for:
FCE is looking to enter into partnership agreements with Australian industrial company, in order to provide valves on the project SEA1000 .

What we offer:
FCE has the ability to engineer, design, manufacture, assemble, test and service many types of
mechanical and hydraulic components.
BALL VALVES for very demanding applications are FCE’s core business.
In addition to these valves for which FCE’s team has earned an unquestionable reputation in the world,
FCE is now in a position, in 2016, to offer the following services :
- 3D CAD product development.
- Rapid prototyping.
- Design and manufacturing solutions for the Product realization process.
- Computer aided manufacturing processes.
- manufacturing machinery parts and gears : any combination of mix and volume.
- Training our client’s personnel in our facilities or on their site, for the maintenance of the
- Products and Services.
FCE manufactures :
- High performance INDUSTRIAL VALVES
- Assembly line sub-components

In any situation, FCE can either work “on-demand”, based on its client specifications, or “resultoriented”,
based on its client’s requests.

    • design offices
Collaboration sought:
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Licence Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement


Mr Arnaudo Vincent
Managing Director
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